Masterclass INvolving Event Recognition Visualised with Atlantis.

MINERVA is based on a simplified setup of the ATLAS event display, Atlantis. Physicists on the ATLAS experiment use this software to learn more about the events they are studying and is constantly running in the ATLAS control room. You can see the latest image from ATLAS here.
The project is a joint venture between the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) and the University of Birmingham and has been designed for use at masterclass events. It has been used in 2008 and 2009 at both institutes, see here for more details about the events at RAL and Birmingham.
Below are a few reports of the softwares use:
2011 [NEW] - Strange particle decays. Prepared and developed by Stockholm University, this exercise allows students to study the decays of short lived strange particles such as the K-short and Lambda particle. More information can be found here.
2009-04-06 Use of MINERVA features in the ATLAS eNews.
2008-05-13 Use of Atlantis, now renamed MINERVA, at the RAL masterclass 2008 features in the ATLAS eNews.

The aim of the exercise is to look at ATLAS events and try to recognise what particles are seen in the detector. There are tutorial events, then a selection of events to categorise and final a search for the Higgs!